Mentryville, CA

On a beautiful California winter’s day, I went for a roadtrip adventure to see Mentryville in Stevenson Ranch, CA with my boyfriend, Brian. The first oil well (Pico No. 4) that was actually successful was drilled there, eventually becoming Chevron. There are a few buildings that remain from when the town was bustling in the 1800s, including a schoolhouse, barn, and a mansion.

An old house with peeling paint that was used as the facade for the made-for-tv movie of Green Acres.
I learned that of the buildings was built and later used as the facade for Green Acres made-for-tv-movie.. Also new to me was that there was a Green Acres made-for-tv-movie.

You can hike or bike ride on trails in the area. The hike to the actual site of the oil well is about 1 mile and is a very easy walk, with mild uphill. It is a nice easy wide road as a trail. The site is very obvious and you will not miss it.

With the gorgeous scenery and cool historical remnants, this place makes for a great outing.

Mentryville, 27201 Pico Canyon Road, Newhall, CA

Parking is $5.

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