Hitting The Bean & the History Museum in Chicago

It took living in Los Angeles a few years to really appreciate my hometown, Chicago.

Mom told me to take this picture cause it’s cool.

Parking is crazy expensive in Chicago (Thanks, Daley!!!!), so my Mom and I took a train Downtown.


We hung out in Millennium Park. This place was not around when I lived in Chicago, so I had not been..  Mom and I checked out The Bean,    IMG_0730                                                          which is a giant bean shaped mirror.  Hmmm.  Okay?                                            The website boasts of how the bean (sorry, “Cloud Gate”) reflects the beautiful Chicago skyline.  It sure does. But you can also see the skyline by simply turning around and looking right at it.  HA! Yet, I seemed to really dig this mirrored sculpture since Mom and I hung out in the park for a quite a while and took a trillion pictures. The park offers concerts, art, exercise and well, a park. It is nice to have places like this within a city.  Just watch out for coyotes!

My Dad is the photographer.

The next day, my Mom, Dad, Brother and I high-tailed it to The Chicago History Museum. I hadn’t been


there since I was a child. It definitely changed a lot.  Was extremely happy that they still have train.  They have interactive exhibits, which I always LOVE.       IMG_15691                                                                                     Children learn something from these exhibits, but I just want the pictures!!

IMG_1591Imagine my dismay when I found out, months later, that I could have taken a picture lying IN the hotdog. It would have been called a dorkdog.


The museum is definitely more PC now, as it strives to show how different groups of people are an integral part of Chicago’s development.

They didn’t mention the serial killer that was around during the World’s Fair.

Ah, Chicago History…IMG_1573




People think it’s funny that I loathe red meat, but am from a city known for slaughterhouses. (Oh, and corrupt politicians and gangsters!!)


When we were done at the museum, we walked across the street and dined at IMG_1596The Fireplace Inn. That was some good eatin’s! They have a patio and the view across the street was AMAZING! Jenn-Chgo-911-037                                                           I loved that it started to rain right before we ate, but that we still scored a window seat. Eat there.

There are 80 million things to do in Chicago and I will eventually tell you all about all of them! In the meanwhile.. I leave you with this picturesque shack…My brother is so awesome that he drove around until we found it because his bratty little sister wanted photos.shack


Out for now… Jenn

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