Babes Behind Bars

beAconvictIf you follow our adventures on Facebook then you know how much Jenn and I enjoy checking into prisons during our travels. And sometimes we even get to check one out. Bam!  These two babes got behind bars at Yuma Territorial Prison State Historic Park.

During its thirty-three years of operation the prison housed 3,069 prisoners, including 29 women. But on this particular day these 2 sassy lasses proved they were bad to the bone.

The local townspeople called the prison The Country Club on the Colorado River. The convicts referred to it as a hellhole.

Got my back against the wall
Caged but not conquered








Striking the prison yard stance







You don’t have to be married to be stuck with the old ball and chain, if you tried to escape the prison and were caught you were blessed with one of those too.

Girl on the run! Jenn makes a break
for it.









The only way is up to escape







Foiled by the guard. It’s Jenn’s evil twin!

Not everyone made it out alive, in fact there are 104 prisoners buried in the cemetery grounds. Some say you can hear their ghosts at night still calling out for justice.

Back to the cell Sara goes.





Doomed to dwell in the Dark Cell.













Have the ladies learned their lesson?  We shall see… until next time… when they are released to the open road!


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Alleged History in San Francisco

Oh! A Video!!

A long time ago, I visited Fisherman’s Wharf and bought a poster of The Cliff House and always wanted to see it. It was on the list for this trip. I could not wait!! We zipped on over and found it… and it did not look a damned thing like my picture. The structure I was hoping to see managed to survive the San Francisco earthquake, but a fire burned it down a year after that. (Yes. I know this little thing called the internet could have cleared this all up for me, but sometimes not knowing things like that cause you to experience all new things!) I was definitely disappointed about that. Big Duh to me.

The part that was extremely NOT disappointing, however, was the view!

Holy wow!

Look! I’m Alfalfa!

It was sunny and every color was so vivid it felt unreal. Another bonus was the wind. Something about the wind just makes me really feel alive. We had a few more places to see before the day’s end, so we left the lovely Pacific and wandered into the city.

Sara and I live in Los Angeles, which likes to tear down anything even vaguely historical, so we are always quite excited to see things that are a part of history. We went to China Town, had lunch and then took a stroll to 728 Montgomery Street. This was the site of the first meeting of the Free Masons in California. The building that is there now is supposed to be from the 1850s, last I heard. Wow. Bet it’s a cool building.

Yep. Our luck! Under construction!

Next stop was 750 Kearny Street. It’s a Hilton Hotel now, but it once was the site of saloons and gambling places during the gold rush! Come on! That’s freaking amazing! It is so incredible to stand there and think about what it was like during that time; how different it was. (Or was it?)


Unfortunately, by the time we were ready to see the Jackson Square Historic District, we were a bit tired. There are buildings there that are the only surviving ones from the gold rush. We should have gotten out of the car and waltzed around, but we didn’t. I am not sure which are and which are not originals, but believe me, I will return and find them. (p.s. It is on Jackson Street and between Montgomery and Sansome.)

We stayed in San Francisco for a few days (with many stories for another time), but the event that has kept me laughing more than anything, was seeing a gorilla chase a banana down Lombard Street.

Banana, Jenn, Gorilla

We caught up with them half way down the street to meet them. They were very nice and it made my day!

Bananas to One and All!


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