For over a decade, I have wanted to go to the Bunny Museum. Candace Frazee & Steve Lubanksi started exchanging bunny items as gifts to each other and it eventually grew into a great off the beaten path museum!!  It was once run from the home of the owners, but thanks to the greatly deserved international press, donations, visitations, and many more bunny things, they moved into a much larger space in Altadena, CA. There is a fee for entrance, which was $12 per adult, when I went. You have to check your bag in, but they have lockers and provide you with a lock/key.

One of the owners, Candace, was at the front door and made lots of bunny puns. I love the puns! There is a wall by the entrance that has autographs of famous people that have visited the museum, which the owners will point out.

There are porcelain bunnies, bunny games, stuffed animal bunnies, paintings, puns, and actual real-life bunnies!  Thousands and thousands of bunny-related items. EVERYWHERE! There is a little library for members, and a room called the Chamber of Hop Horrors that has more macabre bunny things. That is where the Frank the Bunny mask is and if you know the plane crash story, you know about my affinity for Frank the Bunny. There are other “scary” things in there, like the use of bunnies by Qanon, and masks.

In another room, they have a glass display case that has ancient artifact bunny items. There is a button on the display case that makes the display wheel turn so you can see all of the little bunny things within.

There are 2 small rooms on the 2nd floor, so go ahead and walk on up the steps to check them out.

The real bunnies are in the 1st floor room with the stuffed animals. Look around the floor to find them if they are not hopping around. I had forgotten there are real bunnies, so was extremely excited to see them. They looked at me, but ignored me after that. They had no time for me that day. Important bunny stuff to do.

Check out their tiny gift shop area by the lockers & front door before you leave!!

Street Parking. Please check their website for hours!

2605 N. Lake Avenue, Altadena, CA 91001, (626) 798-8848

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