Roaring it up in Big Bear

Big Bear was the next big stop on our trip.  Jenn, the savvy one (I lean towards sassy) found an online deal and scored a weekend at a bed and breakfast in this lovely lakeside location.  We arrived during dusk, just in time for happy hour as our gracious hosts checked us in and poured us each a glass of wine to celebrate our arrival at The Inn at Fawnskin.  What’s not to like?   The charming log cabin home was the perfect place to settle down for the weekend and even has a teepee.  We stuck with the home and the benefits of indoor heating and plumbing as well as a DVD collection to play on your room’s TV. I can only rough it so much. (We attempted to view Strange Days later that evening after a night on the town but it only seemed stranger a decade-plus since its release so we switched to late night talk shows instead.)

Facing dinnertime, our innkeepers recommended a number of local hot spots and we shipped ourselves off to The Captains Anchorage known for its “fine dining and cocktails since 1947” and a friendly ghost named George.  Sadly George was playing shy and didn’t make an appearance that evening so we made our way to the salad bar before digging into that fine food.  After dinner we headed into the bar for a nightcap and chat with the bartender in their Andy Devine Room.


The next morning we were greeted by a gourmet breakfast and a get-to-know-you session with our fellow guests seated around the dining room table.  This was a far cry from the usual granola bar Jenn and I grab while on the road and eat in the car.  We learned that innkeeper Nancy was a professional jazz singer and performer and soon realized it was her delightful voice filling the room from the speakers as innkeeper Bill beamed when asked if that was indeed her. There are several things I enjoy about men but nothing more than when one lights up about his lady.  He informed us we could even pick up a copy in their gift shop. Gotta love an honest plug. I would have continued to inquire about her career had it not been for soon discovering more about the woman seated across from me. She and her husband were in town to enjoy some antique shopping and oh, by the way she used to be a writer for The Love Boat. Hold the presses! Stop the jazz CD! Say what?!  I wanted; no I needed to know about all things Love Boat. Working for television icon Aaron Spelling, the coochie coo guest appearances by Charo and the behind the scenes stories about Captain Stubing, Julie, Doc, Isaac and Gopher.  I think I surprised her, and myself, along with the rest of the table, with my sudden obsession as I steered the conversation strictly to the fictional antics of the high seas that highlighted TV during the 70’s and early 80’s.

I worked out my excitement after breakfast when Jenn and I hiked Castle Rock Trail. Then it was time for some bear sightings. No real ones on this trip but they had every other kind from carved to quilted all around the town. We even captured this video of a bear carver in his natural habitat.

We walked around the lake and stopped into an ice cream parlor for some frozen treats. To her utter delight (which bananas is number one on that list for those who don’t know) Jenn not only was treated to a banana but a chocolate dipped one at that. Double the pleasure.

That evening we indulged in some divine Indian food at Himalayan Restaurant recommended by a fellow guest then hit the town to try our hand, yet again, at pool at Chad’s Place. We did better posing than fulfilling our pool shark ambition. The next morning we went for a jog and some photo ops before another sit-down breakfast, although sadly The Love Boat writer had set sail and was not there to discuss the made-for-TV movies of the show I was looking forward to. Pretty soon it was time to pack and set sail ourselves… onto our next stop.


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