Lounge time in Las Vegas

After escaping the Valley of Death and rising from the ashes it only seemed appropriate our next stop should be Sin City to celebrate. Off to Las Vegas we went. We checked into Luxor and scored a room with a jacuzzi tub with a view thanks to the off-season rates. The lure of its perks soon wore off later that night when we realized we could hear the romantic endeavors of our neighbors in the room above enjoying theirs until the wee hours as they splashed around overhead.

Once we checked in we grabbed a flight of tequilas at T&T to start off the night. To cool things off we made our way to minus5 Ice bar for some polar cocktails in the icy interior, adorned in faux fur of course. The thought crossed our minds to hit a club back at Luxor, thanks to the free VIP wristbands we were given in the lobby by an overzealous promoter but the post cocktailing munchies called instead and we found ourselves eating a mediocore meal in the all-night diner and catching a rerun episode of Sex and the City on TV as we passed out to the sounds of the rub-a-dub-tubbing going on in the room above.

The mild weather brought us out during the day to take in a little pool time, in jeans and sweaters as it was January, but the sun worshippers in us would not be denied. We found time for a walkabout on the Strip and some shopping of the local fashions before heading out for night 2. First stop The Cosmopolitan for a little glamour to go with our happy hour. Jenn had a Chicago friend now living in Vegas so back to Luxor we trekked for a mini-reunion and some more cocktails before topping our meal from the night before with some surf and turf at Tender. Don’t let the name fool you, we savagely attacked those entrees and a dessert, but managed to contain ourselves by simply making eyes at the yummy waiter.  A delicious way to end the night before heading back out on the road the next day. But not before a family reunion was had as Jenn’s brother flew in that morning for his own vacation and we met up over at Mandalay Bay for one last bite at Border Grill. Thankfully there was a gym at our hotel which we utilized each morning to balance out all the sins of this city. It’s all about balance after all.

Vroom vroom!


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