Adventures in Death Valley, California

Beautiful mountains.. if you can see past the dork in the foreground. On another note.. Look! I can balance myself on my right foot!!!

Sara and I went to Death Valley, California. I was always intrigued with it because of the name.  I imagined it would be 150 million degrees all of the time and there would be spas and hot springs as far as the eye can see. . . or I’d see a lot of skeletons.

We went in the winter, so the weather was great. We stayed in a motel that had a pool, but it was chilly and we decided to take pictures of us acting like dorks around the grounds instead.

Grr!!! I am MOOOVING things!

That’s when we saw the bar.  It had a pool table and we love to believe we will become pool sharks. It hasn’t happened yet, though. In fact, I am fairly certain that we have managed to become worse pool players every time we try. The bar was empty when we walked in, so we played pool and looked out of the window, hoping to see an amazing sunset.  Eventually, a few other people showed up, one of whom was celebrating his birthday. He bought us drinks. I definitely like people buying me a drink for their birthday.

The next day, we decided to go for a hike in Mosaic Canyon. There was a sign at the start of it warning hikers that Side-Winders are present.  There is something extra friggen creepy about a damned snake that is fast and, oh, also travels sideways when it comes after you to kill you. That really, really freaked me out. So, I made sure to freak Sara out as well. For a few minutes, I debated being a total wuss and canceling the hike, but didn’t and am SO glad we went!  It has a very cool zig-zag shape.

Sara is all in the Zig and the Zag

You walk through it and don’t realize you are in it. Luckily, we like to take dorky pictures and accidentally figured it out. Or maybe it’s really obvious.  I was busy forcing Sara to record me channeling Oprah.  In the end, there was not one snake sighting! Yipee!

Sara and I are very into getting hotels at the last minute. We scored a room at Stovepipe Wells Hotel in DV, but I don’t recommend winging it. There aren’t a lot of places to stay and there is no cell phone reception. That could have been a very disastrous and panicky evening had we found nowhere to sleep.  However, we have yet to pay attention to our own advice. There have been many subsequent trips we chose to “wing it” during which we found ourselves driving for hours to find a hotel. Ooops!

Woot! Woot!

Signing off… Jenn

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